Reno's Heyday: 1931-1991
Reno's Heyday: 1931-1991

Reno's Heyday: 1931-1991

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Reno's Heyday: 1931-1991 by David Lowndes

Description:  For 60 years starting in 1931, Reno was unarguably the place where things not possible elsewhere were its hallmarks—gambling, divorce, and uncomplicated weddings. Old promotional campaigns described two Renos—one for gambling and entertainment and one for outdoor activities. For locals, there were two other Renos. One was a beautiful city on a mountain river between towering peaks. It was a community of local businesses where people knew each other and were proud of its university. The other Reno was the city of casinos and top-name entertainment that attracted visitors. For most of those 60 years, the visitors’ Reno increasingly crowded out the residents’ Reno. But with the decline of the divorce and gambling businesses and the coming of new high-tech industries to Reno’s economy, Reno’s heyday may be just gearing up for a second wind.   127 pages.

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