Official Nevada Law Library 2021 on Disk
Official Nevada Law Library 2021 on Disk

Official Nevada Law Library 2021 on Disk

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Official Nevada Law Library (ONLL) from the Source

• Search the entire ONLL on disk in just seconds, or limit your search for even faster results!

 • The ONLL comes complete with award-winning Folio Views®, a high-performance information retrieval software tool designed to provide instant, accurate answers for professionals who rely on immediate access to information.

 • Hyperlinks take you instantly from where you are to any referenced law, regulation or case with the click of a mouse. Move forward or back from one record to the next as needed. 

 • 24/7 Technical support from Nevadans. Phones are answered by live people, no need to navigate by the numbers to get someone to help you.

The price includes all updates covering the two-year period between the end of Legislative sessions.

The disk includes all of the following:

 • Nevada Reports

 • Nevada Revised Statutes with Annotations

 • Nevada Attorney General's Opinions

 • Nevada Administrative Code

 • Nevada Court Rules

 • Nevada and United States Constitutions

 • United States Court Rules for Nevada and the Ninth Circuit

 • Nevada City Charters

 • Gaming Regulations

 • Statutes of Nevada

Licenses 3 users, additional users $100 each.

The Official Nevada Law Library disk  is only $225.00 when purchased with our current NRS printed product.

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