NRS Title 08:
Commercial Instruments and Transactions
(Chapters 97-104A)

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Title 08
Complete NRS Title 08: Commercial Instruments and Transactions (with binder) (Ch. 97-104A) (+$82.90)
NRS Chapter 97 - Retail Installment Sales of Goods and Services (pages only) (+$1.60)
NRS Chapter 97A - Debt Evidenced by Credit Card (pages only) (+$1.00)
NRS Chapter 97B - Consumer Protection From Predatory Interest (pages only) (+$1.00)
NRS Chapter 99 - Money of Account and Interest; Legal Investments (pages only) (+$1.80)
NRS Chapter 100 - Special Relations of Debtor and Creditor; Suretyship (pages only) (+$2.20)
NRS Chapter 101 - Joint Obligations (Uniform Act) (pages only) (+$0.80)
NRS Chapter 102 - Interparty Agreements (Uniform Act) (pages only) (+$0.40)
NRS Chapter 104 - Uniform Commercial Code - Original Articles (pages only) (+$28.40)
NRS Chapter 104A - Uniform Commercial Code - Additional Articles (pages only) (+$5.80)
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NRS Title 08: Commercial Instruments and Transactions

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