Las Vegas 1905 - 1965
Las Vegas 1905 - 1965

Las Vegas 1905 - 1965

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Las Vegas 1905 - 1965 by Lynn M. Zool, Allen Sandquist, and Carey Burke

Description:   Everyone thinks they know the story of Las Vegas: the showgirls, the gambling, the mob. But Las Vegas has always been much more. Families have lived here since its founding in 1905. After 1931, legalized gaming became the big tourist draw, and following World War II, the town began to market itself as "America's Playground." That is when the famed Las Vegas Strip came into its own and downtown was dubbed "Glitter Gulch." These vintage postcards show how Las Vegas evolved from a dusty railroad town into the "Entertainment Capital of the World," while remaining a city filled with families and pioneering souls. This is a must read. 128 pages.

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