Going it Alone - Ramblings and Reflections from the Trail

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Going It Alone - Ramblings and Reflections from the Trail

Description: Join author Tim Hauserman on his solo journeys through the Sierra Nevada and the forests of Minnesota. Hauserman shares his experiences hiking through some of the most spectacular landscapes in the United States. Along the way, he confronts his conflicting desires to be alone in the wilderness, then facing profound emotions of loneliness and fear once he is there. Hauserman hikes the John Muir Trail through rainstorms and challenging climbs, explores the Tahoe Rim Trail on a fourteen-days. Going It Alone combines self-deprecating humor, "Stupid Tim Tricks," and delightful descriptions of the natural surroundings. Some might call wilderness the middle of nowhere or nothingness but to Hauserman it is everything. He discovers that his long walks in the woods are less about hiking and more about how he wants to live his life.

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