Book - Ghost Towns of the West
Book - Ghost Towns of the West

Book - Ghost Towns of the West

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Ghost Towns of the West by Philip Varney and Jim Hinckley

Description: Hundreds of ghost towns remain in the deserts and mountains of the Western United States. Relics of former boomtowns across the West. Exactly where are they, and how do you get there? How do you figure out which ones are worth visiting? 

Authors Philip Varney and Jim Hinckley select the most intriguing and historic ghost towns located across eleven states in the West to help you know where to begin. What really happened to these towns that caused their decline and eventual abandonment? You'll learn about not only famous ghost towns like Bodie and Bannack, but also about dozens of less-visited towns, every one a jewel of Western history. Each town has a story, and Varney uncovers the tales of the founders, notable--or notorious--residents and businesses, and the captivating and scandalous events we've come to expect when we think of the Wild West.

With handy maps to show you where these sites are located, you'll have a clear route to follow across Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Whether you're envisioning a marathon ghost towns tour or simply want to visit a vestige of the past near your home, Ghost Towns of the West is your historical guidebook for imagining the West as it once was.

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